the haphazard collection || Disneyland family vacation

If you’re a veteran of this blog, you know it can get a little wonky pretty much always now and then.

I think we’ve reached a new height of strangeness with this aptly titled “haphazard collection” of Disneyland photos. I apparently lacked all focus while on our weekend trip to the happiest place on earth. I expect my attention process went something like this:

“Oooh, Disneyland! Castle! Coffee! Rides! Balloons! More coffee! Sweet treats! Matterhorn! Pirates! Fireworks! Coffee!”

As such, the photos I took were not what you might expect from a Disney vacation. You shall not find any photos of castles or Mickey Mouse, princesses or parades here. Oh no. What you will find in this short collection is a little more random than that.

(Personal growth alert! My shoes now have laces. I turn 25 and get all straight laced.)

(There’s a little shoe humor for your Thursday morning.)

(I’m sorry.)

The Dapper Dans I referenced in the last post. Aren’t those hats just made for tipping?

And so there you have it.

My aimless presentation of Disneyland is hence complete.

Carry on.

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