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We are nearly twenty days into the shiny new year of 2015. And here for you I present (finally), a little review of the photos I shot for YourHub in 2014. Better late than never. It’s a Monday, so let’s be glass-half-full kind of people and say, at least we haven’t greeted the month of February already! (Is anyone shocked by my tardiness on this cause though? It’s not like we haven’t seen this before.)

I was talking with a colleague last week about YourHub, and my position as a photographer who spends her days working on the hyper-local level of journalism. It isn’t always glamorous in the way I think some people envision this line of work must be, and the stories don’t always get the flashy attention treatment that we see pop up on all our varied social outlets day after day. But in all honesty, ¬†that is what I love about my job. There is tremendous authenticity with the people I meet. They are eager to share their stories, to play a part, to make a difference, to live in these communities they cherish. And I cherish the small role I get to play in their lives.


Skyler Weekes founded Rocky Mountain Barrel Company in 2010.

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is developing a 10-year operational master plan that aims to bring improved visibility and access to the refuge, located in Commerce City, Colorado.

The Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory hosts a series of summer camps fro kids to learn about ecology in Brighton, Colorado.

Kim Taha opened Taha Suri Alpaca Ranch two years ago, and raises just over a dozen alpacas on her property in unincorporated Jefferson County, Colorado.

Aurora currently has 14 community gardens, and is working on developing eight more to open to the public. The city is also looking to obtain more land to develop into more community gardens in the future.


The Tales to Tails literacy program allows children to read to a certified therapy dog, helping reluctant readers gain more confidence at Anythink Wright Farms in Thornton, Colorado.

Maddie and Lakayla Vincent will participate in the Arapahoe County Fair, which starts on July 24.



To see a broader edit¬†of photos both I and my partner, Seth McConnell, shot in 2014, visit our full “best of” gallery. Thanks, all.

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