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Hello, you fine folks, we are back with another new month and another 10-on-10 post. I promise there are more updates coming this way soon. Really and truly. But for today, I have to keep it short and sweet. We’ve been working hard around these parts with work and assignments and big projects and little projects and house guests, so unfortunately I don’t have too much time to chat at the moment. So here’s to business!


My youngest sister, Elise, is an ocean expert. In particular she loves sharks. Meanwhile, I am downright terrified of the sharks. They can have their ocean, I’ll keep to the land. The land-locked land. That is, the land of Colorado. But Elise, her dream is to go diving with her fine-finned friends. If you need an ocean fact, she has a wealth of them. So it seemed only fitting to celebrate her February birthday with a visit to the aquarium.

Downtown Aquarium Denver

Downtown Aquarium Denver

denver aquarium

So it may seem strange that Colorado even has an aquarium, it being land locked. Trust me, we were all a little confused when it first opened up.

Downtown Aquarium Denver

It certainly isn’t as impressive as say the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, but it’s still fun. There are fish. And urchins. Crabs. And other sea creatures.

Downtown Aquarium Denver

And human arms. Don’t worry, this arm was still quite attached to its human owner. Those tanks just won’t clean themselves.

Do you feel that? The unnerving feeling that something with dead eyes and a freaky number of teeth is lurking nearby?

Do you hear the Jaws theme growing to a crescendo?

denver aquarium combor 2


(But also I’m writing this post. So I may or may not be the architect of the whole endeavor. Allegedly.)

denver aquarium combo 1

Downtown Aquarium Denver

And that’s it for now, dear friends. I’m sorry I can’t spend more time with you all, but I shall return soon.

Really and truly.



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