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Molly and Hugh revisited || Plant update

Every morning I place him gently onto the window sill for a little sunbathing. And silently pray I don’t drop him and watch his short life flash before my eyes as he plummets to the ground two floors below. I’ve had just about all the plant passing I can take lately. Molly, dear Molly, is […]

Molly and Hugh || Pre-travel preparation

Fact: I have two plants. Fact: I named my plants. Hugh is there on the left, and Molly on the right. Fact: I live alone, and am therefore prone to odd, disarming behavior. Don’t judge.

I went to IKEA for a bookshelf and instead bought a cactus

My inability to keep plant life living has been fairly well documented. It’s a bleak history, and though they say history is written by the winners I’m going to keep it real here today. I am horrible at nurturing plants. They all die. It may take a whole month a little while, but inevitably I kill them […]

the four fellas || a plant story

If you’ve been a reader of the [anya elise blog] for some time now (Hi, Mom!), then you will likely remember my first adventure in plant rearing. You’ll also remember it didn’t go well. So, what do you suppose persuaded me it was wise to give it another go? (1) The odds are (likely) in […]

newbies || Nine-to-five life

My 9-to-5 life has been in a little bit of turmoil lately. No, I have not lost my 9-to-5 job. And no, I haven’t been called into the head boss’ office once again. I did however get switched around with another co-worker. And while I used to sit almost front-and-center in terms of main office […]