We’re moving! Well, sort of.

For weeks and weeks, perhaps even months, I have been alluding to some upcoming changes. Has this vagueness annoyed you? Do you forget me dropping these hints? Is this the first you’re hearing of my allusions? Did you navigate to this site accidentally and you have no idea who I am?

In that case: Welcome! It’s so nice to have you here. Have a cup of coffee and introduce yourself.

For those of you who know who I am and what you’re doing here, today at last I’m ready to announce the changes. Officially. There may even be a ribbon cutting. (But it’s desk-sized, so don’t get too excited.)

I have been writing of my photographic exploits, life experiences, and other adventures here on anyaelisephotography.com for going on six years. Six years in August, to be precise. I started this site just as my photography career was kicking off. Dan and I were photographing weddings and I was freelancing here and there. I was still spending most of my working hours at a desk in the Denver Post newsroom with my editorial assistant hat perched at a jaunty angle upon my head, fielding phone calls from subscribers and providing general aid to the reporters and editors around me. (There wasn’t really a hat, but maybe there should have been. I’ll have my people talk to some other people and see if we can retroactively get that going.) I was grateful to be in a newsroom, but longed to have a creative outlet of my own. So I started a blog. And then I launched this site. And over the past six years I have crammed photo-related thoughts into blog posts, as well as a lot of silliness and moments of thoughtful reflection. My photo life, my personal life, I shared it all right on these pages.

Then, three-and-a-half years ago, I left my position as an EA, and ventured into the world as a full-time photojournalist. I started shooting 8-12 photo assignments every week, thus fulfilling that earlier desire to have an outlet for my creations. I climbed slowly up the very steep learning curve that was full-time photojournalism, and eventually settled at a comfortable, though rather hectic, status quo. I continued to share photos from work on these pages, and also (mostly) kept up with the more personal looks at life. Tales of travel, stories about my new role as a wife, narratives concerning my siblings and our beloved Colorado.

But, over the past year or so, as work at the Post has continued alongside a ramping up of our A&D Photography business, I have begun to feel that this site needs a refocusing. And that my dynamic, developing creative outlet needs to be widened. So, today, after this very long preamble which I swear does in fact have a point, I am excited to announce that I have started a second blog.

signed anya elise

Signed, anya elise will package up all those personal, not-photography-specific writings that I have previously included here, and give them a new home with lots of breathing space to really grow and play and take on a life of their own. I have often felt constricted here when my posts haven’t centered on photography, and at times questioned whether I should even write about topics that didn’t concern photos in some form. And though we are barreling right along and growing ever more in our photography business, I knew that there was more in me and more about life that I wanted to also devote some attention.

Therefore, moving forward, if you want to keep up with the photographic work I’m producing at the Denver Post and with A&D Photography, behind-the-scenes looks at shoots, philosophical thoughts about prime versus zoom lenses, et cetera and then some, then this is your place.

But! If you’re looking for that more personal touch — galleries of photos and silly videos from world travels, essays on all manners of topics, writings on my favorite books, haikus devoted to my love of coffee…you get the idea — then please click on through and take a look around signedanyaelise.com. You’ll find there a few posts I migrated over from these parts, posts that I felt were more appropriate for signed, anya elise, so don’t be alarmed if you get an intense sense of déjà vu while exploring around. You aren’t in the Matrix.

It isn’t all vintage content though. In the past weeks I have written a few new posts as well. So if you want a recap (in photo and video form) of our April trip to San Francisco, or to read about my belief in showing up for each other in light of recent national and world tragedies, or to view a video documenting our recent sibling-only vacation to Disneyland, then zip on over. I’ll meet you there.

Wherever you end up, here or there or elsewhere, know that you all mean the world to me. These past six years have seen a lot of growth and discovery and I’m looking forward to branching out in new directions with this endeavor. You are all very much appreciated. Much love to you.

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