Assemblé Dancewear || Photojournalism

I have always had this notion, deep in my core, that perhaps I should have been a dancer. Or a drummer, but that’s another story. I have fairly long legs and noodle arms, and what could be more fitting than to use these physical attributes for ballet? Despite this feeling, I never did in fact take […]

We’re moving! Well, sort of.

For weeks and weeks, perhaps even months, I have been alluding to some upcoming changes. Has this vagueness annoyed you? Do you forget me dropping these hints? Is this the first you’re hearing of my allusions? Did you navigate to this site accidentally and you have no idea who I am? In that case: Welcome! It’s […]

Globeville Riverfront Arts Center || Photojournalism

One of my favorite settings to photograph is an artist’s studio. The messier the better. Tubes of paint, scraps of material, metals, and flakes of dried up clay on every surface, that is the dream. I love to photograph the textures and the colors and the intensity of an artist in the zone. So when […]

Disneyland || 10 on 10

At the end of May 2013, I stood at a baggage claim carousel in LaGuardia airport, in the grand city of New York. As we watched the seemingly endless line of black luggage trudge by us on the conveyor belt, my phone pinged with the alert of a new email. The email was from Courtney Z, […]

Cherokee Ranch Arts Afield || Photojournalism

“They will drive us in, then we can walk back out whenever we’re ready.” I looked down at my light sneakers — Keds to be precise — funky and classic footwear but not really that well-suited for a hike back from a canyon. I should have read the fine print on this assignment. I was on the […]