California colors || 10 on 10

At the end of April, Dan and I flew out to San Francisco for a week of vacation with my family. I have spent many a week in San Francisco over the years and love it more every time I visit. I am fond of many a thing in the fair city, not least of all its rather […]

Springtime on the local beat || Photojournalism

It is time, my fair friends, for an update on local journalism stories I’ve photographed recently for the YourHub section of the Denver Post. I curated these from a number of shoots I’ve been assigned since the turn of the new year into 2016. (Is that a phrase people use, “turn of the new year”? Maybe […]


I didn’t know what to expect from our long weekend trip to Minneapolis, but for some reason I suspected that I would leave the city happy to have acquainted myself with the metropolis, but generally all right with just being pen pals. The sorts of pals that send each other greeting cards around the holidays and maybe check […]

Weekending in Minneapolis, Minnesota

It’s a good thing to tour a new city. It’s a better thing to tour a new city with a good friend who knows where all the cool kids hang out. Last weekend we spent a couple of days getting to know Minneapolis, Minnesota. The land of 10,000 lakes, if the state license plate is to be […]

birthday kidnapping || 10 on 10

To celebrate the kick-off to the last year of my twenties, my family kidnapped me. With love. My mother took the endeavor very much to heart and proclaimed I must be blindfold with a pillowcase “because that’s just how it’s done.” (Since reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for book club she has been channeling Tom Sawyer just a little […]