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Mezcal Restaurant

I photographed this earlier today at Mezcal Restaurant here in Denver. The whole place has these bright colors and awesome wall decor. And for now, that’s about the entire story. It’s bright, cheery, a little strange, and fun to photograph. I think there are days when that’s all you need.

Oh! And also I mopped this evening. So why not commemorate such an outrageous housemaking feat than with a random little blog post featuring a bright pink wall. (Though, there’s a spot on the floor that is now tremendously slippery despite my best efforts to somehow solve that situation and there now exists a 78.5 percent chance that I will slip to my ultimate demise.)

Happy weekending, sweet pals. Have some great adventures.


Two years || A wedding and a marriage

Two years ago we stood in a big white church, the ceiling looming high above us, our friends and family layered in rows of pews to the back doors. We promised our I-dos; it was the best day ever.

I have been remiss over the past 730 days in not sharing more of the fantastic photos that our generous and thoughtful crew of photographers shot that day. So at long last, in celebration of this two-year mark, I’ve finally put together an edit of some of my favorites.

We were extremely fortunate that so many people selflessly dedicated their time and energy to making our wedding day so wonderful, and I would like to thank them first and foremost.

❶ To our families. Our parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…you all provided immense support and cheer during the entire preparation process and through to the conclusion of our reception. And frankly, over the course of our entire relationship. We love you and cherish you.

❷ To our wedding party. You all were heaven sent, I’m sure of it. From standing up beside us at the altar, to providing extra hands, moral support, and literal bodyguarding as we walked from the church to reception venue along one of the more colorful stretches of road in downtown Denver, we truly couldn’t have done it without you.

❸ To our photographers, our wonderful photographers and videographers. We came to you with this idea of splitting up the whole day into chunks, asking each of you to take a slice of the day to document however you saw fit, and you ran with it. You gave us this immense gift and we could not be more grateful.

❹ To our wedding planners. I found your fine company care of an assignment and was so grateful that even though I had almost nothing planned and only five more months to go before our wedding date you took up the banner and operated within our strict budget and insane schedules. You made the whole process so much easier than we thought possible and for that we thank you.

❺ And finally, to all of our guests. You came from near and far, traveling the country to come celebrate with us. You were witnesses to our vows and participants in the best dance party ever. Thank you, thank you.

We start at the beginning. This is going to be a bit of a marathon, my friends, so buckle up. Get some coffee. Grab some protein-rich sustenance. Ready? Here we go.



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when you’re longing to be in France

It’s a twinkling little ping just left of center in your heart. Your brain quickly catches on to the ping and before you know it you are torturing yourself by fruitlessly gazing at plane fares to France. You imagine fields of lavender, crusty baguettes, cappuccino sipped from a sturdy little cup at an outdoor cafe, a flaky croissant making a mess of the tablecloth.

You all know what I’m talking about, don’t be shy in admitting it. I would happily go to France always. Let’s move there now, what do you say? Sadly, this is almost never a reasonable plan, to simply drop everything and move to a foreign country. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Luckily, when this feeling gets too unbearable, there is a charming cheese shop in northern Colorado, the city of Longmont to be precise, to which a girl can retreat. I know this sounds a little odd, but it’s true. It’s called, simply, Cheese Importers. And while I would never turn my nose down at a vast selection of cheese, the store also boasts a rich offering of boutique items, ranging from other food stuffs (breads, desserts, olive oils), to trinkets (perfumes, books, jewelry). There is also perfect little bistro with a bar area that I daresay would enliven the very likes of Hemingway himself. (Yes, there is absinthe on the menu; no, I haven’t tried it yet.)

Take a tour with me.

cheese importers-8682cheese importers-8712

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Colorado landscapes || weekending

Driving back toward Denver along I-70 — a road that slices clear through the state west-to-east and in reverse — I read the following message on one of those electronic traffic signs: “ROCKS ON THE ROAD…MM 56-57…PROCEED WITH CAUTION”

I temporarily considered giving up right on the spot and living out the rest of my days in the back of the Prius, bartering for food and other supplies with the rock sculptures I would imagine up just as soon as I settled onto the side of the road.

But then I reasoned the odds that a rock of I-70 would take out our exhaust system twice in one year were slim. Really slim. Microscopic. And we had already made it all the way to Grand Junction with two bikes strapped to the rear of the vehicle without mishap. So time to be an adventurer, rocks be damned.

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A new coat of paint

Every now and then you gaze fondly upon a favorite, well-loved space, and think, “It’s time to give that sucker a facelift.”

And if you’re truly lucky, you won’t have me on your list of handy helpers, because I may or may not take instructions a little too literally.

wall paint combo

My mother said, and I quote, “Don’t get any paint on the new floor (pieces).” Somehow she didn’t appreciate my mad painting skills.

But that’s not really what this tale is about. Today, I’m excited and happy to announce the unveiling of the new and improved website and blogging experience! (Please hold your applause until the end of the presentation.)

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