Molly and Hugh || Pre-travel preparation

Fact: I have two plants.

Fact: I named my plants. Hugh is there on the left, and Molly on the right.

Fact: I live alone, and am therefore prone to odd, disarming behavior. Don’t judge.

Fact: I stole Hugh from my mother a little over a month ago. Molly has been with me since I moved into my apartment back in August.

Fact: I leave for a five-day, east coast trip tomorrow.

Fact: I’m mildly concerned that in my absence they will perish.

Little Molly was tiny and frail when I purchased her. I’ve managed to not kill her off so far. I admit I’m pretty proud about this.

She’s starting to sprout up. I’d hate to return and see her new little fronds withered up and lifeless.

Hugh, though new to the abode, adds a certain flair to the perch previously reserved for Molly and incomplete paint-by-number projects.

He’s got these crazy arms that are spiny, and poky, and strong.

The upside is, these two characters are the type of plants that only need watering once a week. So the odds are really in my favor.




(See, he’s freaked out too.)

Wish me luck!

As I said, I’ll be out of town for a few days, but will (hopefully) be updating from the road.

Stay tuned!

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