collegiate activity || Weekend roundup

A university is a place for learning and acquiring life experiences.

It’s a place for inspiration from teachers past, camaraderie from students present, and (hopefully) jobs from employers future.

It’s also a place where buffaloes roam (this is Colorado), and astronauts linger (this is Colorado) (OK, that one doesn’t really work).

And over this weekend, it was a place where my sister and I….shoot, I cannot think of a suitable word to rhyme with linger. My career as a poet is not to be.

In any case, my career as a student went pretty well, and though I graduated almost three years ago (I keep trying to slow down Time, but instead, it speeds up; I expect Time does this just to spite me and my inability to understand theoretical physics), I quite enjoy visiting my alma mater.

The campus at the University of Colorado at Boulder is gorgeous. Say what you want about the town of Boulder, and the culture so typically assigned to it, but it is undeniably lovely. The mountains, the aesthetic, the weather.

The mascot is a buffalo (no, that’s not a real buffalo up there), and a whole slew of famous folk attended the university.

Robert Redford, actor/director extraordinaire, for instance. You’ve heard of him.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of the Apple Computer company. I expect you’ve heard of him too.

What about Jack Swigert? Apollo 13 astronaut of “Houston, we have a problem,” fame. (His statue is seen above.)

Anya Semenoff? Yeah. She went there too. She isn’t famous. She may never be famous. But she will continue to talk in the third person for the remainder of this post. And that’s something.

Not sure what, but it’s something.

(Good heavens, someone take this coffee away from me. I mean her. Stat!)

Tomorrow on the blog: expect something more constructive than what you’ve read here today.

Nothing more to see here. Move along.

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