laceless shoes || footwear cameo

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good laceless shoe cameo on

Some facts about the laceless shoes:

  • They are a key part of my daily ensemble (classy right?).
  • This is the third pair of this exact shoe that I’ve owned.
  • When I find shoes I love, I hate giving them up. So I keep buying the same kind. I will rue the day I can no longer purchase this shoe.
  • I should probably start stocking up before that day comes.
  • If only I had more closet space…
  • Winter is arriving and snow is commandeering more and more of our forecast here in Colorado.
  • I fear I will not be able to wear my favorite footwear as frequently soon, because of said snow.
  • They are more water absorbent than water resistant.
  • And then what will I talk about with random people on elevator rides?
  • These are the thoughts that plague me.
  • Sometimes, I fear I will accidentally write plaque instead of plague, especially when writing by hand. Those two wildly different words just look so similar.
  • I would really hate for thoughts to plaque me.
  • Which reminds me, I really need to go get a dental checkup.
  • Have you noticed that these facts about the laceless shoes are really just odd nothings about everything?
  • Me too.
  • Which probably means I should end this post now.
  • I’m glad we talked.
  • OK, bye.
  • No really. Bye.
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