lines and blurs || an update

This has been a week, my friends, of brain-filling and work-doing and snow.

It has proven to be difficult and expansive and yet, still very promising.

This week:

I’ve worked in my 9-to-5 world what feels like nonstop since last Saturday (though it has only been daily doses of eight hours each).

I’ve been trained on new computer software and felt like my brain has been mushed into a new shape that’s just a little bit more lumpy to make room for the new information.

I’ve enjoyed 50 degree weather, and then shivered through 7 degree weather all within 24 hours (thank you Colorado for that).

I’ve awoken at 4:15 a.m. to help ferry a beloved to the airport on time.

I’ve enjoyed reading old classics (The Great Gatsby) and watching new clever shows (Downtown Downton Abbey. I seem incapable of remembering it’s not DowntoWN Abbey, but in fact DowntON Abbey. I’m hopeless.).

I’ve been floored, humbled and thrilled by the rapid uptick in wedding photography inquiries Dan and I have seen in the first weeks of January.

I’ve envied my sister’s travels in London (and Paris!).

I’ve dreamed of how to reorganize my studio apartment (but done nothing productive to act on it).

I’ve rested.

How have you all been spending your week?

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