diptychs and triptychs || Weekend roundup

(This is really more of a 10-day roundup, as I have been woefully absent from a.e.photography lately. The above collection of photos was shot in San Francisco last weekend.)

Following the lead of our safe return flight from San Francisco to Denver last Monday, the past week was uneventful, smooth-flying, lacking in turbulence and all together a safe re-entry onto solid ground. (That was the kind of metaphor where you start off strong and then realize you have no idea how to stick the landing, but you go for it anyway.)

After the first two weeks of February, and the great muchness it contained, I longed for just such an uneventful week to recuperate. Luckily, it came to me. I needed to revel in it and soak it into my pores. And so I did.

However, sadly, this translated into a lackluster week on the blog posting front (apologies!). But, I’m back now! With pores all shiny from my Uneventfullness Facial! (I don’t even know what I’m talking about any more. So much for a smooth re-entry into blog posting. Eesh.)

So today, I bring you a bit of diptych/triptych goodness for the Weekend Roundup.

diptych (n):

a picture or series of pictures painted or carved on two hinged tablets

triptych (n):

a picture or carving in three panels side by side

I have lately downloaded an app onto my fancy phone that allows me to stitch two or more photos together in sort of a single frame collage. And I have to tell you I’m becoming mildly obsessed. In fact, you may have to stage an intervention here in the next few days, so get those letters ready.

There’s just something very creatively fulfilling to me to put, side-by-side before you, a series of images that I curated and stitched together. It’s organized, and offers many fun options to explore.

For instance, instead of showing you two images from the let’s-update-Dan’s-wardrobe outing we had on Saturday, I can instead show you this:

That there is our men’s fashion consultant, Justin, offering up a little shirtsleeves know-how.

Or, instead of showing you an overall shot of Elise’s potential prom dress (as discovered Friday during our let’s-find-Elise-a-prom-dress outing) and a detail shot as two separate entities, I can just post this:

(I don’t really know what’s up with the weird border colors this particular app pulled out for this diptych/triptych presentation. Strange.)

Then there’s the beauty of incorporating three totally unrelated things whose only interconnected quality is that I took each photo within about a minute of each other.


My beads and scarf, coffee mug, and tenacious plant survivor. A perfect little snapshot of the start of this Monday.

And also, a good conclusion to this round-about roundup from the past weekend.

There’s a solid chance you’ll be seeing more diptychs and triptychs around here but I’ll try to contain my new obsession to a tolerable level.

I’d still get those intervention letters primed and ready though.

Just in case.

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2 Responses to diptychs and triptychs || Weekend roundup

  1. eric says:

    Love this post! I would like to express my comments in Triptych form as well.


    [when 1][reads][your blog]

    [i now][must get][this app]

    • anya elise says:

      I’m sensing a forthcoming poetry style primed and ready to sweep the nation! Loved your cleverly formatted comment. 🙂

      As for the app, it’s called Diptic and I highly recommend you procure a copy and get to stitching those photos together ASAP. Let me know how it goes!

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