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Denver Colorado portrait photographer

Does she look older, wiser, ready to get behind the wheel and onto the face of a legit, full-fledged driver’s license?

As I’ve done in the past, I pulled Elise aside this weekend for an It’s-Your-Birthday-And-I’ll-Photograph-You-If-I-Want-To session. Or, since her birthday was almost a month ago, more like an It-Was-Recently-Your-Birthday-And-I’ll-Photograph-You-If-I-Want-To session.

She wasn’t entirely thrilled with me doing so.

But the light was perfect! The day was gorgeous! How could I not!

And then I made her do this:

Denver Colorado portrait photographer

“Just whip your hair around. No, don’t flip it, whip it! You know, like the Will Smith girl!” (With directions like that how could there be any confusion? I ask you!)

And of course, after making her do that a number of times while standing on a wobbly side table on the upper deck of the back porch (thank goodness she didn’t fall off the wobbly side table–this is what happens when mom leaves town), she graced me with this face:

Denver Colorado portrait photographer

And the photo shoot was complete.

Elise: You are a gorgeous girl, my most favorite model, and an absolute doll for putting up with me. Much love to you and Happy (recent) Birthday!

And please drive safe once the state hands over that freshly minted driver’s license.

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