the big yellow one is the sun || transit of venus

With the cloud cover as it was here in Colorado yesterday, it seemed Venus’ transit would not be witnessed in our lifetime.

After all, 2117 is a long, long way down the road.

But the heavens saw fit to clear up, and the crowd gathered around half a dozen telescopes on the lawn outside the Denver Museum of Nature and Science hurried to take a look.

Including me and Dan.

Last night, we decided to participate in history. Or at least, view history, in the form of a tiny, perfectly round black spot slowly crossing the face of the sun.

I wasn’t as ambitious as this fellow, attempting to take a photograph of the sun — and tiny black-dot Venus — with his fancy phone, through the telescope eye piece, but I admire his effort.

Instead, after looking through three different telescopes, I elected to take photos of the crowd.

This scholarly gentleman knew everything there is to know about the astronomical event.

More telescopes. More people looking directly at the sun.

You really cannot ask for a better view of Denver than this one.

Despite the initial cloud cover, the evening proved quite extraordinary. Witnessing the passage of a planet across the sun, watching the sunset afterward, laughing at the moxy of kids running through a fountain (pictured above) despite the not-quite-summer, still-lightly-chilled spring air, it all added up to happy, content perfection.

More photos (not mine) that are super cool: Transit of Venus

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