the first || a birthday

The eldest Semenoff sibling, Emily, is said to control the weather. This fictitious talent doesn’t usually work out for the rest of us, though, because Emily prefers the overcast, drizzly weather of the Pacific Northwest.

She takes care of us younger three and makes sure to pack gummy snacks in her purse, in case we get peckish.

You shouldn’t cross her, for she is a trained archer and bull’s eye marks quiver before her. (There’s a little archery joke for your Tuesday morning.)

(I’m sorry.)

Once upon a time, she was thrilled to donate funds and adopt a humpback whale to protect it and its habitat. This year, she adopted a golden retriever puppy named Bailey.

Today is her birthday. Please join me in wishing her a happy day and tremendous year ahead.

Love you, sister friend.

(Photo by Daniel Petty. In order from the left that’s me, Elise, and Emily.)
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3 Responses to the first || a birthday

  1. Tracy says:

    Happy Birthday, Emily!

  2. Emily says:

    Love you too! And thank you. 🙂

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