scuffle and sparkle || a love letter

Dearest friends,

There’s always been a certain sparkle factor that I associate with this season of holiday-ness. There’s a promise of magic and happy tidings, coziness, hot cocoa, parties, bubbly beverages, decorating with twinkle lights and greenery, yuletide coffee (OK, that’s not a thing…or maybe it could be, who’s with me?).

And yet, I know there can also exist a struggle at this time of the year. School semesters are coming to an end which means papers and tests and final exams, finances can be tight, changes are in the air, there’s uncertainty at a new year’s approach, loved ones can sometimes only be reached through the tentative touch of  emails and text messages.

I see this turmoil in the tales of some of my loved ones. I see it in half-hearted, thinly veiled postings on Twitter, Facebook and beloved blogs.

To anyone who is feeling more scuffle than sparkle right now, there’s one thing I know bears true for each of you: You got this. You all have this remarkable capacity for accomplishing bold wonders. Dismay and anxiety, they will grip you at times. And that’s OK. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed and freaked out. The trick is to also know that you can and will bust out of those emotions and get to lighter times.

And secondly, be assured that you are not a lone warrior in these moments. You have friends and family who have your back. And I promise, I too have your back. Should you ever need a hand or a heart to give you a boost, I’m your gal.

So let’s grab those coffee mugs and sit down to hash it out. Let’s go on an adventure. Let’s buff out the grime and renew that sparkle. And let’s make a pact to implement a new holiday tradition: yuletide coffee.

Love and yule to you,


p.s. But really, what is “yule”?

 (Modeling courtesy of one fine sister, Elise. She has a love/hate relationship with posture.)
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