firefighters and a smokehouse || YourHub photojournalism

Believe it or not, the firefighters and the smokehouse were not related in my second week on the job with YourHub. Neither did I accidentally start any fire that summoned the firefighters. Win.

(Let me take this parenthetical paragraph to say that I did not forget all you party people last week, though I was entirely absent from this blog. Life called and it wanted all of my hours. What can you do? Adjusting to this new pace of work has been exhilarating and exhausting and great and there are bound to be wider repercussions than simply deciding to invest in a coffee plant to cut out the middle man between me, caffeine, and my local barista.)

I covered a lot of stories for this week including: firefighters, a barbecue/smokehouse business, a drum school, a stand-up comedy act in a tiny community space, a couple construction projects and little boutiques. In essence: community journalism.

 (UPDATE: This man was not crushed on this day.)



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