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One of my favorite stories to work on for YourHub thus far involved giant padded suits, a sporting arena, a Frenchman, and dogs. Lots of them. (The dogs, not the Frenchman.)

Jimmy Vanhove is a world-renowned, much sought after dog trainer. He preps dogs for sports training (that is, dog shows). He also works with police agencies and their K9 units to get dogs in tip-top shape for sleuthing. Police agencies like the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. A few weeks ago I went out to Highlands Ranch to photograph a special three-day training event with Jimmy. The cops in attendance were extremely kind and accommodating and willing to get me up close and personal with the action.

“Don’t worry,” they said as they guided me right up to their training barricade. “As long as you’re not in one of the decoy suits, the dogs are going to ignore you entirely.” An hour later, “OK, your turn! Here’s a suit just your size.”

Um….no. Thanks.

To see more images from the K9 training, visit the YourHub gallery site.

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