lighthouses and seashores || New Hampshire & Maine stills


Have you ever been to Portsmouth, N.H.? It’s possibly the most charming little east coast town I’ve ever set eyes on. All bricks and ocean and delight. We set sight on this hamlet last weekend for the wedding of two of Dan’s dear friends from college. And it was perfection. Hanging out with all of Dan’s buddies from his Richmond days. Dancing the night away. Breathing in the fresh, ocean air. It’s the first wedding we’ve had the pleasure to attend (sans cameras in hand) since getting engaged.  It was equal parts exciting and inspiring and surreal to imagine that in just four months, the two of us will be walking down our own aisle and saying our own vows. We’ve been working a million miles an hour this entire year, it was really great to spend a weekend out of town with a tremendous group of individuals.

Oh, and lighthouses. We drove up to Maine on Sunday because….well, why not?

new hampshire maine-1

new hampshire maine-2

new hampshire maine-4

new hampshire maine-3

new hampshire maine-5

new hampshire maine-6

nh maine 01

nh maine 04

nh maine 02

nh maine 03

new hampshire maine-7

new hampshire maine-9

new hampshire maine-8

new hampshire maine-10

new hampshire maine-11

new hampshire maine-12

new hampshire maine-19

new hampshire maine-14

new hampshire maine-15

new hampshire maine-21

new hampshire maine-18

new hampshire maine-17

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6 Responses to lighthouses and seashores || New Hampshire & Maine stills

  1. You went to Maine! So envious! Glad you had the chance. 🙂

  2. By the way…how does Portsmouth, NY compare to Concord, MA?

    • Anya says:

      I knew you’d get there! 🙂

      Portsmouth and Concord are extremely different. Concord has this very profound historical presence, while Portsmouth is quite the oceanside community. Not beachy in the way Southern California or Florida might feel, but very New England crabs and Herman Melville-ian. Or something…

  3. Jim Kane says:

    What great sea side shots! Thanks for sharing them!

    Jim Kane

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