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Fall for me bears a sense of renewal that many reserve for the springtime. Through college, and frequently in the years immediately after, fall brings new homes, moves, transitions into a new season in your life.

This year is no different. This year, the fall means a new home and a new marriage.

For our ongoing 10-on-10 project this month, we tackled the idea of autumn and how it alters our little world-slices with the change of the trees and temperatures around us.

Dan and I are only a couple of days away from our wedding, the biggest change of our lives. I think it’s fitting that we’ve chosen fall to be the backdrop for this tremendous transition. In preparation for this newness, we found and moved into a fantastic little duplex in Denver. Here are some images from that move.

Please be sure to visit the links at the bottom of the post to discover a vision of fall as captured by these other talented ladies around the country.

gilpin 10-10-1

gilpin 10-10-2

gilpin 10-10-3

gilpin 10-10-4

gilpin 10-10-5

gilpin 10-10-6

gilpin 10-10-7

gilpin 10-10-8

gilpin 10-10-9

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Check ’em out!

Courtney Z Photography

Jamilah Photography

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