the fourth || independence day

This video is technically from last night — Independence Day Eve (not quite as fun as Christmas Eve, because no tree or twinkle lights or sugar cookies; then again, there are fireworks and loud explosions, so what do I know) — but it seemed like the kind of thing that should be shared here. On this little A/E blog of mine. This specific video was taken from the tenth floor of the Denver Post building as we watched the annual fireworks show launch from the Denver City and County Building. It was loud and the smoke blew right into us, but we had a jolly time. Look at this photo Daniel shot. You can’t really go wrong with that view on a warm night in this great city.

For all you fine folks, I hope you have safe, happy holidays. Don’t light anything on fire that isn’t supposed to be on fire. Whether you’re waving a flag, eating some fruit salad, throwing a horseshoe (a safe distance away from your loved ones hopefully), lighting a sparkler (also safely away from loved ones), making some ice cream, or all the above, have a rocking fourth!

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