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Here’s my routine for writing a blog post on a lazy Saturday morning.

[one] Make a Chemex pot of coffee. [two] Drink three-quarters of a travel mug worth of coffee. [three] Refill your cup and throw it into the microwave for a proper reheating. [four] Briefly wonder if the plastic cup holder around the procelain travel mug is microwave-safe. [five] Don’t bother to check, just fire up the microwave and hope for the best! You live on the edge and do what you want! [six] Be relieved when the microwave hasn’t caught on fire/melted into a plastic heap that you have to dispose of by calling the EPA, NASA, or whoever else might handle such a situation. [seven] Grab a handful of vegan white cheddar popcorn as you exit the kitchen with your non-melted second cup of coffee. [eight] Explain to your blog audience that you aren’t actually vegan. The popcorn purchase in question was a hurried addition to your cart as you rushed about the neighborhood mini-mart (OK, it was a Whole Foods, there is no mini-mart in this neighborhood, this isn’t Brooklyn) on your way to “Shakespeare in the Park” last night. It was only after you’d settled onto the blankets in the park and ripped open the bag that you realized it was vegan white cheddar. It is still unclear what combo of additives and seasonings make that non-dairy, white cheddar taste. [nine] Finally arrive to the point.

The point which is this: August 10-on-10 vol. 2! We’re chugging along like the little engine that could in our second year of 10-on-10. For all those readers who arrive here but once a month via the blog posts of my 10-on-10 compatriots (as listed below) — Welcome! And I’m sorry. And bless you. The coffee this morning is stronger than I thought.

This month I’m bringing you ten photos from a recent trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens. From June through November, the gardens are playing host to a Chihuly installation. What’s a Chihuly you may ask? Chihuly — Dale Chihuly — is a person, and creator of fine, massive, magical glass sculptures. They can be found all about the botanic gardens, which is a divine place to visit in and of itself. As we walked around last month, I found myself wishing I could spend every afternoon in a different corner of the garden, book in one hand, coffee in another. Peaceful and wonderful, that’s the Denver Botanic Gardens. Go visit. There are great adventures to be had.

And also, visit the blogs listed here:

Chihuly DSCF1184

Chihuly DSCF1187

Chihuly DSCF1190

Chihuly DSCF1211

Chihuly DSCF1201

Chihuly DSCF1210

Chihuly DSCF1194

Chihuly DSCF1186

Chihuly DSCF1198

Chihuly DSCF1207

Until next time, folks!

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