the tale of two brides

There is perhaps no planned moment in your life that will be more personal than your wedding day. What you wear, where you are, the loved ones who are with you, the food you eat, the music to which you dance, and most importantly the person with whom you share the whole event have all been chosen by you. And when the elements all come together just right, it beautifully reflects that which distinguishes you among all others. It’s something that I most love about wedding photography. At each and every wedding I get to witness all those precious details that you hold dear.

Over the past two weeks we photographed two different weddings — one in the rocky mountains of Colorado, and one in a quintessential east coast town on the bank of the Delaware River in New Jersey. As you can imagine, entirely different locales. One on the cusp of wilderness, the other within reach of some of the largest urban areas of our nation. One in the dry air of the Colorado west, the other in the very humid air of New Jersey east. I was organizing and editing photos from both events and came across these two photos. I wanted to share them with you, side-by-side.

amy beth copper-1175

jenn new jersey-2418

I love the similarities — the classic white dresses with similar necklines; the bright, happy faces and grace in their stance; bouquets of fragrant flowers. And I love the differences — the way their dress fabric cascades to their feet with different texture and style; the regal veil and flower crown; the greenery, natural and man-made, that frames them.

It’s a distinct pleasure to be involved in each wedding we photograph, and to have the opportunity to memorialize these women, exhibiting their individual characters presented to the world with such strength and joy. Thank you for sharing these moments with us.

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