crossing the Delaware || 10 on 10

Hello and welcome to 2016! How is this year going so far? Pulled too many “this has been the best [insert thing here] of 2016” jokes yet? No…just me? Well OK!

We are raring to go with our 2016 edition of the 10-on-10 project, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

First, my esteemed colleagues:


And now, for today’s tale. For Christmas this year, Dan and I headed east to visit his folks in central New Jersey. Not far from his childhood home is the grand Delaware River. Have you guys seen this river before, or any river east of the Mississippi? As a child, I was pretty strictly a west of the Mississippi kind of girl. (Which, as far as I can tell from the multitude of times I’ve related this fact to east coasters, means I essentially grew up in the wild wild west lassoing rattlesnakes and performing bandit tricks upon wayward stagecoaches. But that’s another story.) Here in Colorado we do have truly breathtaking natural sights. Our mountains most notably. Our rivers however do not have quite the same grandeur as those to be found out east. Such as the Delaware River.

Now as you students of US history will recall, back in the 18th century there was a small matter taking place called the Revolutionary War. A main character in that conflict was one General George Washington, who did just a few things in his lifetime. One such feat involved the river they called Delaware, and an icy crossing on Christmas Day. Now, 239 years later, teams of reenactors and scores of visitors attend an annual commemoration of Gen. Washington’s historic crossing.

And this past Christmas, so did we.

Washington Crossing Reenactment

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the newsroom || 10 on 10

Hello, kind visitors! If you’re a regular reader, howdy hey and such. If you’re a 10-on-10 wanderer, welcome and buckle up.

For those of you who may not know, my job as a photographer is multifaceted. I freelance both on the editorial side, as well as commercial, I photograph weddings with my husband, and I work full time as a photojournalist for the Denver Post local section. For the past three years I’ve rocked around the Denver metro area in my trusty vehicle, mostly using the car as an office, a dining area, a nap room and of course a mode of transportation. But at least once a week I work from the actual newsroom at the Post. So for today’s 10-on-10 post, I’m taking you into the office.

But first! Here’s the list of my fellow photographers:


OK, here we go.

Denver Post newsroom

Denver Post newsroom

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RVA || 10 on 10

Sometimes you get to the ninth day of the second to last month of the year and realize that your longtime collaborative project is due to run the very next day. You haven’t prepped photos or put together a cohesive plan of any sort, and so you search through the archives of the previous month and come up with the following.

It’s Richmond, Virginia, folks.

First! Here are the fellow travelers for the month:


On a good month I try to have a little bit more intention with these 10-on-10 posts. Consider what it is I want to explore and share with you, and how I want to photograph it. It’s really a “best laid plan” situation on many occasions and perhaps that will be nowhere more evident than with this installation here today.

Last weekend we went to Richmond for some good ol’ fashioned homecoming hoopla at Dan’s alma mater. I took along my little Fuji x100 and of course the trusty fancy phone, but didn’t plan on taking many photos. Having only been to Richmond one time before I was hoping to simply take in more of the city and the history of the region. But as our personal history of scheduling too many things in a short amount of time has illustrated over and over again, we really only had one afternoon to do the sort of sightseeing I was looking for. Thus, here are 10 photos from the haphazard and fast-fast sightseeing excursion that we should probably just go ahead and trademark already.

virginia state capitol

virginia state capitol

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Maroon Bells || 10 on 10

Autumn is the greatest.

The end.

Hope to see you again soon.


⸰  ⸰  ⸰

Well, it was worth a shot, but of course there is more to be said! The day my remarks are that brief is probably a day without coffee. Which would be bad.

What is not bad is another edition of our monthly 10-on-10 collaborative project! Here are my fabulous colleagues:


Say hello and happy trails to the crew, and then we shall continue with my tale. Go ahead, I’ll wait….

A few weeks back we traveled through the mountains to Aspen. Our quest involved finding fall colors to photograph a fine, engaged couple standing in front of, among, and totally surrounded by the glory. It took a little more doing than you would expect when going to a place named for the exact trees which we sought (as you heard about a few days ago).

We spent our second day of the weekend rising before the sun to catch the sunrise. As one must do. We ventured to the Maroon Bells, an iconic mountain vista here in Colorado. Prior to this particular weekend adventure I had somehow never actually visited this famous and gorgeous place. I have been remiss as a Colorado native, they may revoke my birth certificate.

The pre-sun morning was 100 percent freezing. We’re talking icicles here, folks. And it being a famed destination, we were not the only photographers and visitors to make the trip.

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10 on 10 || september

There has been probably one time in my life when I have scheduled vacation time to go to a beach with a book and sunscreen and no time keeping device of any kind with the intention of simply laying on a large striped towel collecting sun and little else. That is your classic beach vacation. I’m sure you’ve seen photos.

About a week before this personally historic beach vacation, Mother Earth got some other thoughts. We were fortunate her mind didn’t turn fully to hurricanes and instead simply lingered on rainstorms and thunder by the time the storm hit Florida. However, no tried and true quality time with the beach and the sun for me.

But before we get further into the story, let me introduce you to our distinguished guests. The 10-on-10 posse, as it were. The crew. The peeps. The…well you get it.

Lelia Marie Photography
Lisa Hibbert
Pogo Photo
Shaw Photography
Twinty Photography


And here we go!

Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

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