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For those of you who may not know, my job as a photographer is multifaceted. I freelance both on the editorial side, as well as commercial, I photograph weddings with my husband, and I work full time as a photojournalist for the Denver Post local section. For the past three years I’ve rocked around the Denver metro area in my trusty vehicle, mostly using the car as an office, a dining area, a nap room and of course a mode of transportation. But at least once a week I work from the actual newsroom at the Post. So for today’s 10-on-10 post, I’m taking you into the office.

But first! Here’s the list of my fellow photographers:


OK, here we go.

Denver Post newsroom

Denver Post newsroom

I started working at the Denver Post as an editorial assistant over six years ago. At the time I had no idea how much a seemingly straightforward job would change everything in my life.

First of all, the fellow featured in the top two photos is Dan, my husband. He was an intern at the Post beginning just a few months before I arrived on the scene. We met in the mailroom as I made copies for a meeting. One year later we started dating. And two years after that, we were married.

Denver Post newsroom

Denver Post newsroom

Second, when I stepped into the newsroom as an assistant all those years ago, the idea of being a photographer, a full-time professional photographer, seemed like a dream of a concept.

There are many struggles to the job and the work. It is a real challenge a lot of the time. And because of those struggles, sometimes I can forget that it is a dream. My dream. My dream that often takes place at this messy desk. Note the coffee cups.

Denver Post newsroom

Ever Monday, my partner and friend, Seth McConnell, and I sit down to split up the week’s worth of assignments. That usually comes out to about nine assignments per photographer. It’s a full slate. Luckily, for the nearly three years that Seth and I have been the two local photogs on staff we have worked together seamlessly. There’s never been a big disagreement or blow-out between us, and it’s been a real honor to work with and learn from him at this gig.

Denver Post newsroom

The second most important partner in and out of the newsroom is the coffee. The fabulous coffee. Mmm….coffee.

Denver Post newsroom

“Your coffee is calling.” Yes, yes it is. (But not the artificial sweetener. None of that for me, thanks.)

Denver Post newsroom

A journalist at work. Past editions of the paper stacked to one side. Furrowed brow.

Denver Post newsroom

Typing away furiously. You know what I was considering as I leaned over Dan and framed the shot with my phone? (1) Sadly, there will one day come a time when he and I will likely not work in the same office, and I won’t have the easy opportunity of hovering around him to take photos as I please. And, (B) Dan didn’t even miss a beat as I shot this. Didn’t stop typing or clicking or editing his piece, or even ask me what I was doing. He just took it as a fact of life that his wife would want to take a picture of his hands at work. That’s a pretty fabulous thing if you think about it.

Denver Post newsroom

This is the view from our newsroom. As journalists, we get to see all sorts of wonderful things. The intimate and important moments in the lives of the people we meet. History in the making. Celebrations and tears. It is a privilege.

I hope you enjoyed this little look at the newsroom. The Denver Post staff does tremendous work. To know them is my distinct privilege.

If I don’t see you, have a happy rest of your December, friends. Happy holidays.

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  1. Em Pogo says:

    Wow, fascinating! I’ve never worked at a newspaper before, though my mother was a librarian at the Charlotte Observer when I was a kid. (Loved seeing the papers come off the press.) Thanks for the inside peek!

  2. Courtney Z says:

    It’s such a cool, timeless job! I love seeing the behind the scenes 🙂

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