on father’s day

Happy Father’s Day to this fellow.

Wedding - Anya and Dan

Here we are, discussing the appropriate pace one should walk down the aisle. He thought I was walking too fast. I thought we were secretly in a race to see who could get there first. (A competitive spirit runs deep in our family.)

Thank you, Dad, for not letting me trip and fall spread-eagle style onto the marble floor in front of all our friends, family and the many, many cameras they all had in hand. Thank you for googling “least cheesy father-daughter dance songs” so we could find a fitting and classy one to jive to, that was just the right style for us. And thanks for all your support as we planned the big day, but also as we — the Semenoff siblings — planned and navigated our lives thus far.

Happy Father’s Day. Love you.

*Photo by RJ Sangosti.


Will: 1921-2013 || in memoriam

I sat rather tenderly in a seat beside my grandmother’s bed at the hospice care facility. Words always escape you when it feels most critical to speak up. My grandfather had barely left her side since she arrived at the center, and continued to stare at her despite us entering the room. Despite me sitting next to him now. Sadness and concern draped the room.

“Look at her,” he said, as I asked how they were doing. I felt horrible seeing her in such a state, and failed again to say the right comforting thing as she declined every minute into a more delicate condition. But I didn’t have to.

“Doesn’t she look beautiful.” He said it with the most extraordinary, radiant love for this woman, his wife of 68 years. Even in the recent years of struggle as her health worsened and her memory faded, even in the pain of his upcoming loss, in that moment he saw through all of those outer symptoms of an aged life. He beheld only the beautiful wife he cherished.

She passed away not long after that, and today, after three years apart, he joined her once again. This time truly forever.


Rest in piece, Grandpa and Grandma. You will be missed.


the archer || a single frame

She took part in her first archery tournament a few weekends ago. Due to logistical mishaps, she didn’t technically compete, but her practice run got her within a few points of her stated goal.

She’s a pro archer in training. So you’d better watch out, she means business.


the brother || a birthday

My brother, Christopher, he’s the only boy of the Semenoff sibling set. Three girls, one boy. As such, he’s always been a little outnumbered.

But, despite his lack of a bro to call his own, he is one of the pair of middles — me being the other — and over the ages, he and I have bonded over this shared placement in the hierarchy of kids. Some say we share one brain (ahem – Emily – ahem), some say we are more twin-like than our three year age difference should allow, some say we should lay off the coffee (ahem – Emily again – ahem). But one thing that can be said about all four of us, is we are a tight-knit group. The Denver Four, as one out of town cousin once branded us. We have each others’ backs through thick and thin. Not a day goes by when I’m not in contact with each of them in some way (text messages, phone calls, Twitter shout-outs). When we were up in Aspen a few weekends ago, someone observed that we always seem to be huddled together, traveling in a pack. And, frankly, we wouldn’t be nearly the same strong pack without our brother.

So, Christopher, on this your birthday, we the sister portion of the Denver Four would like to wish you a very happy day. You are such a comfort in times of trouble, a quick-wit when we need a laugh, and an inspiration as you take the steps to create the life you want.

Much love to you, twin-face. I raise my coffee mug to you this morning.

Happy Birthday.


quietude || VSCO cam

I like the quiet moments. The peaceful, in between, deep breath moments.

There’s no excitement, no intensity, no snap decisions. Everyone is just calmly aware of one another.

Calmly at rest beside each other.


I shot this yesterday with my fancy phone after a celebratory graduation dinner for Chris. The title of this frame could be, “Food Coma: The sticky rice chronicles.”

I processed it with the VSCO Cam iPhone app. This little app packs a punch and I love it. Really, it’s getting pretty serious between us. So, expect to see more in the weeks ahead.