about town || fujifilm x100

I have a new little fella in my daily photo arsenal. A Fujifilm X100. Small, compact, incomparable in image quality among cameras in its class. I’ve had it for about two weeks now, and have kept it always within arm’s reach. It’s really been nice having a lighter, more convenient camera to tote around. Sometimes you need a different tool to stoke some inspiration in your creative mind.

I’m still learning its nuances, but wanted to share a few images that I’ve wrangled up thus far. These were all shot in the Denver area on my many walkabouts in the city and beyond.















All images processed with VSCO Film 01 & 04


second shooting 2 || Denver wedding photography

I’ve been staring at this post for two days, trying to muster up the words to open this set of images. Writer’s block sometimes gets the best of you. They say the best way to overcome writer’s block is to simply write whatever comes to mind. However, for me, that usually results in a startling revelation of just how much silly nonsense enjoys spurting from my brain folds. That sentence seems an appropriate example.

The fact of the matter is, herein lies a small take of photos from a wedding I second shot for Gino Siller a few months back. You may recall I second shot another wedding with Gino at the beginning of the 2012 season. Both instances educational, both instances totally awesome. This particular bridal party was just itching to pop some bubbly and celebrate the love Jessica and Robert had for one another. They had a palpable vivacity among them.

That’s the long and the short of it. Sorry there isn’t more ping or pizzazz in my writing today. I believe that with enough coffee and Reese’s peanut butter cups, I can punch through this writer’s block. Tune in tomorrow to see the result of that experiment.


Check out Gino’s blog post from Jessica and Robert’s wedding


gallery || single snapshot

At a gallery showing of recent work by Benjamin Rasmussen, a Denver-based photographer.
(Denver | September 2012)

We went to a gallery show of Benjamin Rasmussen’s recent work on Friday. Benjamin is a very thoughtful person and photographer, it shows in his work, and it’s always a good time talking with him about the joys and struggles that are involved in this industry. He is very true to the photographer he wants to be. He doesn’t try to push himself into the role that others may want for him, but instead follows his own vision faithfully. It’s extremely infectious to be around people like that, the kind that are creating their own career blueprints. Check out his work, it’s beautiful.

I know it’s been on the quiet side here at A/E this week (it’s quiet…too quiet…). There are a couple of photo shoots in the works from this past weekend, so stay tuned for those. Otherwise, carry on! October is happening, go enjoy it!


umbrellas || Beaver Creek blue

“Text and stuff…”

Sometimes I feel like leaving my text placeholder when I lack something else to say.

“Text and stuff…”

I love the following photos. They were shot over lunch in Beaver Creek back in August.

I love the reflection, the color of the umbrellas, and the clever model captured in them.

I love that these remind me of our weekend away, and the delicious pizza we crafted from a “choose your own toppings” list (and were waiting for at the time of this photo).

“Text and stuff…”

Sometimes I think you need less text and not nearly as much stuff. Sometimes you just need to share a few photos for no other reason than you like them.

And that time is today.


at the dog wash || Colorado freelance photographer

“Watch out! Dog shaking here!” The cry whipped my attention at the exact moment the previously dripping dog deposited all his water droplets flying through the air. And all over me.

There are few happier places to spend a Sunday afternoon freelance assignment than with a bunch of dogs getting baths.

Happy for me anyway. Several of the dogs in question were less than thrilled to be plopped in a bright blue kiddie pool, sprayed up one side and down the other, then soaped, rinsed, toweled, and donned with a bright green bandana. Abby, for instance, the two-year-old Golden Retriever above, was skittish to say the least about this whole endeavor. Don’t let her relative calm in this photo fool you. Seconds after the shutter released, she channeled her inner Steve McQueen and attempted a Great Escape of her own. (The enthusiastic volunteer bathers, who at this point were almost as soaked as the dogs, would have none of it.)

Could this fellow have a more disconsolate look on his face?

I am proud to report that I neither tumbled into a kiddie pool, nor became entangled in a dog leash, nor misdirected my camera into the stream of a rogue hose.

Direct hit from a water-shaking dog however? I wasn’t so fortunate to avoid that fate.