Molly and Hugh revisited || Plant update

Every morning I place him gently onto the window sill for a little sunbathing.

And silently pray I don’t drop him and watch his short life flash before my eyes as he plummets to the ground two floors below.

I’ve had just about all the plant passing I can take lately.

Molly, dear Molly, is gone.

She did so well through my time away back in December. Thrived even. Then, within weeks, her little fronds started drooping.

Then they fell off.

Then she expired.

I won’t share a picture with you. This blog is strictly PG.

What happened? Where did I go so horribly wrong?

What does it all mean?

Perhaps it became too cold in my east-facing apartment. Perhaps it was too dark in my east-facing apartment. Perhaps the feng shui of my east-facing apartment was un-feng shui-ed (hey, I tried).

It may have been self-inflicted. Hugh might have cramped her style up on that little shelf.

Whatever the reason, we all must acknowledge that life is short and comes to an end in time.

RIP Molly. You will be missed.

However, on Valentine’s Day my mother gave me a new plant.

And the circle of life continues. This time with a sparkly star that I haven’t had the heart to remove yet. We all need a little sparkle in our life right?

This little plant has no name so far. Although, perhaps I should refrain from naming her. Names invoke emotional attachment and then I lose sleep having nightmares of plants tumbling from the second-story bathroom window.

Hold on Hugh – whatever you do, just hold on!

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