the fourth || holiday adventure

We sallied forth upward to the state of Wyoming for the Fourth of July.

There were horses (pictured), sarsaparilla (not pictured), cannon fire (not pictured), and family (not pictured).

We went to Fort Laramie to see historical things and to get far too warm in 100 degree weather and enjoy this wonderful country in a very remote part of the country. Which was sort of perfect in its beauty, simplicity, and yes…100 degree weather.

There are many more photos to show you that I’m prepping for tomorrow’s post.

And! A video. Come on now, is anyone surprised?

Until then however, I leave you with this little puzzle:

How is it that the same wind that gives Emily that perfect, model, hair-flying look so beautifully, leaves me looking more like I have a personal wind tunnel centered around my head?

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