Mile Marker: ALO || For Reverb

I didn’t have headphones.

So when they nodded in appreciation – “Yeah, that sounds good.” – I could only take their word for it.

But then, they could only take my word for it when I told them the pictures were looking good.

And the Mile Marker Trust Building Exercise of 2011 kicked off with smashing acclaim!

OK, so, this wasn’t a trust-building seminar of some kind, but rather a recording session organized and sponsored by the Reverb music blog that I photographed last August. Mile Marker sessions bring musicians to Uneven Studios to record three or four songs right then and there exclusively for Reverb. Kind of cool, right? The recordees for this particular session were the gentlemen from ALO, three fine fellows who were quite gracious.

In all honesty though, almost every photoshoot could fall under the trust classification. As the photographer, you have to trust your subjects to ignore you, do their thing, and allow you to observe and document the reality of whatever that thing is (or in the case of a more styled shoot – such as engagements or formal wedding portraits – trust the subjects to follow your guidance, direction and inner eye, as it were). As a subject, you have to trust the photographer to record the moment with truth and integrity.

But perhaps I digress.

Here are a couple more shots from the session. To see the full take and hear the music ALO recorded that day, follow the link below!

Check out the Mile Marker recordings and more photos. Enjoy and thanks!

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