Mile Marker: ALO || For Reverb

I didn’t have headphones.

So when they nodded in appreciation – “Yeah, that sounds good.” – I could only take their word for it.

But then, they could only take my word for it when I told them the pictures were looking good.

And the Mile Marker Trust Building Exercise of 2011 kicked off with smashing acclaim!

OK, so, this wasn’t a trust-building seminar of some kind, but rather a recording session organized and sponsored by the Reverb music blog that I photographed last August. Mile Marker sessions bring musicians to Uneven Studios to record three or four songs right then and there exclusively for Reverb. Kind of cool, right? The recordees for this particular session were the gentlemen from ALO, three fine fellows who were quite gracious.

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the underground music showcase || Editorial photography

As I mentioned, I photographed the Underground Music Showcase (UMS) for the Denver Post this past weekend.

If you can imagine it: 300 bands, 24 venues, 4 days. Add it together and it equals a rather crazed experience.

When jammed onto just a handful of Denver’s blocks, it also equals the closest you’ll ever get to experiencing the hustle of New York City in Colorado.

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the Civil Wars || Boulder concert photography

Not far into last night’s show, Joy Williams turned to the crowd and urged them to join in.

“We always feel like we’re just playing in a living room, so sing as loud as you like.”

That spirit of life-long camaraderie infused the entire show.

I dusted off my “concert photographer” hat last night and headed up to Boulder to shoot the Civil Wars at the Fox Theatre for Reverb.

I think we’ve talked before about the Civil Wars and their first album that came out a few months back. I’ve enjoyed their music for some time prior to that release, and was excited to see them perform live.

It was a pleasure to witness and take part in.

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80,000 || Weekend roundup part two

This weekend, I became acquainted with Bono and the U2 fellas.

It was just me, the band…and 80,000 of my closest friends.

There’s something humbling, exciting, thrilling and a little fear-inducing about being surrounded by 80,000 other people who are all doing the Wave, stomping their feet, and rocking out in a football stadium.

Rocking so hard, let me just say, that you could feel the floor beneath you shake from the uproar.

Never before in my life have I prayed so fervently that a group of engineers knew what they were doing.

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Ring around the archives || Photo redux

The Love Language | Boulder, Colo.

Sometimes, I just don’t feel that creative.

A mind block shuts me down.

I reach out into the void that is the gray matter of my brain (which coincidentally I found out this weekend isn’t fully formed until about the 25th year of life…gives me 385 more days to use that as an excuse) and I get nothing in return.


The void remains a void.

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