“What are you doing?!” || On getting engaged


I had a doozy of a blog post scheduled for today. It involved the ocean and sharks and a near death experience (yes, OK fine, I’m exaggerating). It was all set and shiny and ready to go. But, that particular story will have to wait until another day. Because this weekend, a very important and wonderful and shocking thing happened. An even bigger doozy that involved something even more shiny:


Yes, he popped the question. And yes, my first response when he dropped to one knee was, “What are you doing?!” I’m such a romantic.

And somehow he managed to do this while photographing the whole thing remotely using a trigger he was holding in his pocket. The fact that he was able to photograph it, hold his balance on one knee, on top of a rock, on top of  mountain (!), while holding a ring in the other hand and propose in an eloquent, beautiful manner without falling.dropping.stuttering.plunging to his doom still shocks me. He’s like a one man circus act, this fellow. This fellow that I will be marrying. This fellow that I love very much.

He wrote a great post explaining the whole proposal in detail on our wedding photography blog. I couldn’t say it better myself, so skedaddle on over there if you’re into that kind of thing.

We’ve gotten a tremendous response from friends and family regarding our news, so I just want to take a moment to say thank you – so much – for the compassion, excitement, cheer and congratulations you’ve sent our way. We are thrilled and the support you are showing us makes it all the more amazing. Thank you, thank you.

Now, stay tuned for tales of mishap and mayhem as we dive into the unknown territory of wedding planning.



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