The difficulty of carousels

It’s December. De-cem-ber. (Side note: Colorado is bringing the brrr to the month so far. Have you all collectively rolled your eyes and abandoned ship? I understand. Carry on.)

December is a fancy sort of mishmash month. Everyone is getting hyped up for the holidays, donning their sweaters and hanging up wreathes. Scratching out complex equations to deduce just how many strands of lights can be plugged into a set of outlets before the circuits blow. And then we are also getting ready to say so-long to the near-finished year. We become introspective and contemplative about the past 11 months; we imagine what the world holds for us in the new year.

Much like December, I’m a bit of a mash myself right now. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ve accomplished this year, and the things to which I didn’t give enough attention. One such matter: There have been a number of stories and travels and photos I never quite got around to posting on this ol’ blog of mine. So before we say our final farewells to 2015, I’ll be getting those organized and up here. Stay tuned in the coming days for the deluge.

But, before then….here are some photos of a carousel. On Sunday night we went to the annual Denver Zoo Lights festivities. We did our best to spot the zoo animals, but they were much smarter than us homo sapiens and stayed indoors. The lights were pretty and there were snacks. But the best part was the carousel.

Here’s a thing about carousels however. They can be tricky to photograph with a fancy phone, while on a zebra that is jumping up and down and going in circles. At night.

Denver Zoo Carousel

Denver Zoo Carousel

Nailed it.

Happy December, friends! Talk soon.

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