family dining || Pagliacci’s

There are two ways to my heart.

(1) Coffee. That’s a given.

(2) Italian food.

(3) A second cup of coffee.

(4) Now that I’m thinking about it, sushi is pretty darn good, too.

(5) Ooh — Chinese!

The point, folks, is this…last night we went to Pagliacci’s in Denver for a double date with my mom and her fiance. And it was delicious. The end.

But to expand on that point, Pagliacci’s is the oldest Italian restaurant in the Denver area. Sadly, after 66 years of serving up authentic, traditional and fine food, they are closing their doors to get some much needed R&R. Before the final curtain call however, we decided we had to give it a try and a snappy salute.

The one negative part of the evening was that we couldn’t order the entire menu. But we created a pretty extensive tasting menu for ourselves from appetizers and entrees and desserts, discussed photographers nearly being eaten by bears (you know, the usual), and ended up closing the place down.

Pagliacci’s will only be open through the end of this weekend, but if there’s any way for you to do so, definitely get down there and give a tip of your hat to the joint. A place like that deserves a proper send off. And probably an extra — very worth it — hole in your belt.


caffeine cohorts || coffee lovin’

It’s no secret I adore the bean juice popularly known as coffee.

As such, I found a new life motto today:

“Caffeine is what binds us together as human beings, although maybe that’s just the caffeine¬†talking.”

It comes from San Francisco Chronicle, longtime columnist, Jon Carroll. The column in question stitches together little observations from an afternoon at a coffee shop, nursing a coffee creation. It’s wonderful and needless to say, you should read it.

Go now. Do it!


high time for tea || San Francisco vacation

It is no secret that I am not a natural-born tea lover. Unlike my sister. But, when provided the chance to enjoy a proper English-style tea with loved ones while on vacation, how do you say no?

And so dine we did.

The tea shop – barely larger than an English estate’s parlor – sported decor befitting just such a parlor of an eccentric nanny. On steroids.

Flowery wallpaper. Trinkets hung, strung, and flung all about. Tea cozies as far as the eye could see. You couldn’t help but laugh – and love – it all.

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Christmas, cookies and concerts || Weekend roundup

We do December up right here in Colorado.

From the weather – a balmy 11 degrees for a high today, folks – to the carnivalesque decorating job done to our City and County building in Denver (as seen above), we like to grab holiday spirit by the twinkle lights and really celebrate the season.

Which leads me to this edition of Weekend Roundup.

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turkey and can-shaped cranberry sauce || Thanksgiving food photography

We had a great feasting day on Thanksgiving.

We feasted on bread and potatoes and green veggies and potatoes and gravy and turkey (I almost just wrote “tacos” which would be wrong; though perhaps we should take Thanksgiving in a new direction next year…) and real cranberry sauce and can-shaped cranberry sauce. It was a beautiful, filling, warm, love- and turkey-fest, and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

Except perhaps if there had been tacos…

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