26 || on predictability

Last week I reached the ripe, predictable age of 26. I’m not sure why it feels predictable. On your 16, 18, 21, and 25th birthdays, you feel like you’ve reached some sort of milestone. Legal to drive, legally an adult, legal to raise a toast in a bar, legal to rent a car (woo, big fun). But 26? Well, welcome to the rest of your adulthood. Here’s a copy of the tax code. Good luck. Outside of the decade birthdays — 30, 40, 50, etc. — you don’t have many more fixed age milestones. I suppose, in a way, that actually makes future birthdays less predictable. Because you don’t know what the threshold of each year will bring. Maybe 26 will be the year I finally learn to surf. Maybe it will be the year I ride cross-country in a caboose. Maybe it’s the year I will get married. Wait a second…. (I kid, I kid.)

So, forget the original thesis of this post. I have hence decided that though I have few expected birthday milestones left to hit, life will henceforth be less predictable and more open to any possibility. (Consequently, this is also how I wrote most of my papers in college. I’d start on one path with one thesis in mind, and end up convincing myself of the opposite in the course of writing the darn thing. Efficient.)

The point is, 26 years ago my mother did this Herculean thing. She had a child, the second of what would one day be four. That day became my birthday. And though each year we get celebrated on our birthdays, I think it’s important to celebrate the person who really did all the heavy lifting that day: our mothers. So, Mom (though this is five days behind schedule, I blame tax season) thankĀ you for being the rock and always gentle force behind us all. We love you.

Happy 2nd Child Day to you!

Wedding Tom Marianne


Our mother, she taught us everything we know.


mandolins and swing sets || YourHub photojournalism

It’s Friday night, 9 p.m., and it dawns on me that I haven’t shared this week’s YourHub post with you fine folk. Forgive me for not going more in depth tonight. I covered seven assignments in the past 36 hours and my brain has decided to hibernate. Which works out quite well as snow is falling this pleasant evening on the streets of Denver. So, here you are. A small sampling of images from your local photojournalist. I hope you all have splendid plans for this weekend. Play in the snow, eat some waffles, drink coffee, and meet me back here on Monday.


bikers and ballet || YourHub photojournalism

By missing a week and getting behind, I actually have come to be on time. This is logical. Believe me.

I didn’t post my YourHub symposium at the beginning of this week as has become my (attempted) routine this past month. But in the long run, this works out, because I have this longer collection of images from two weeks of shooting to show you that incorporates this last week and hence gets me in step with our print publication schedule. Are you confused yet? Me too! Let’s try to work it out over four shots of espresso.

In any event, herein are bike parks, ballerinas, service dogs, flowers, barber shops, and more.



on the cusp || a road trip video

At the time of filming for this particular video, we were at the edge of transition from 2012-2013. The holidays were just past us, the whole of a new year ahead. I expected a particular question was about to be popped. We traveled from Florida all the way up to central New Jersey. We spent New Year’s Eve in New York City. We saw friends, and many, many mile markers. I expected that question would be spoken while on this trip. It wasn’t (spoiler alert, for those of you just tuning in), but I will forever remember this trip as the last week of our lives as a boyfriend and girlfriend. For, just two days after we landed back in Colorado, we were engaged.

on the cusp || a road trip video from anya semenoff on Vimeo.