Minneapolis Minnesota

I didn’t know what to expect from our long weekend trip to Minneapolis, but for some reason I suspected that I would leave the city happy to have acquainted myself with the metropolis, but generally all right with just being pen pals. The sorts of pals that send each other greeting cards around the holidays and maybe check in on favored social media accounts around birthday times. Etc. Etc.

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cherished little city || our grand adventure

We were about halfway through our two-week grand adventure when my mother texted us and said she couldn’t wait to hear the stories, see the photos, and watch our home videos. It was at that time that I realized I hadn’t taken any video of our trip thus far. Not a lick. Having only my fuji x100, I decided to shoot some footage using my fancy phone while we walked all about the streets of Paris. Then I made this video.

It’s a simple and cheery little piece. Much like our visit to Paris. I hope it inspires you to take a trip to this enchanting city yourself sometime soon. It remains one of my favorite places.


paris || our grand adventure from anya semenoff on Vimeo.


the thundering city || a manhattan video

We did it, my friends. We went to New York City and returned from New York City without accidentally losing anyone in its depths. Victory. We also managed to eat good food, see grand things and not succumb to the temptation of staying cooped up forever inside the air conditioned hotel despite rather uncomfortable weather on days one and two. Victory again.

This was the first trip to dear New York for my mother and the recent graduate, Elise. I had my suspicions of how each would find the place (a map) (joking), and was delighted that each walked away not forever traumatized. New York can be an enchanting and an intimidating place. But it offers itself up each time I visit with gusto and no hesitation. And that, for no other reason, makes each trip worthwhile.


the thundering city || manhattan video from anya semenoff on Vimeo.


on the cusp || a road trip video

At the time of filming for this particular video, we were at the edge of transition from 2012-2013. The holidays were just past us, the whole of a new year ahead. I expected a particular question was about to be popped. We traveled from Florida all the way up to central New Jersey. We spent New Year’s Eve in New York City. We saw friends, and many, many mile markers. I expected that question would be spoken while on this trip. It wasn’t (spoiler alert, for those of you just tuning in), but I will forever remember this trip as the last week of our lives as a boyfriend and girlfriend. For, just two days after we landed back in Colorado, we were engaged.

on the cusp || a road trip video from anya semenoff on Vimeo.