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This is but the tip of the iceberg that is my official Orlando family vacation-adventure-extravaganza roundup.

But, it is the most important part of it. Because without these three (and our dear mother, not seen here), such an extravaganza wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable and memorable.

The “how many people are in your party?” question that I was asked at every turn this weekend would be only one. And one is the loneliest number.

As I’ve gotten back into the groove of “real life” today, I’ve found myself in a constant state of “what am I forgetting?” Answer: these guys. Going from being a party of five to being a party of one is disorienting at best, and downright embarrassing at worst. There’s going to be an official inquiry into my sanity if I keep making comments to the siblings that are no longer surrounding me.

So, in honor of this vacation, and my reintegration into the dry, thin air of Colorado after five days in the humidity that is Orlando, Fla., I’d like to dedicate this post to my family.

They make everything more fun.

They stopped questioning my weirdness a long time ago.

They always provide laughs, comfort, and hand sanitizer to combat the inevitable jam hands of sticky-food consumption.

This weekend was an absolute joy. Thanks for being a part of it, sister-friend, Squish, twin-face, and Mom. Love you guys!

Don’t let the ever-present fancy phone fool you, I did take photos with the big camera this weekend as well. I just haven’t had a chance to edit through those photos just yet. They’re on their way. Pending, if you will. A bright spot on the horizon. A coming attraction. So, stay tuned.

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