Have fancy phone, will travel || Orlando family vacation

During this trip, I tended to shoot more with my fancy phone than with the ol’ DSLR. When walking around a giant theme park, the fancy phone was just easier to whip out in between rides and festivities than my big camera. So, the fancy phone shots offer a better overview of the trip; the DSLR images, more family/detail shots.

Here’s installment one, featuring the fancy phone.

I daresay the little fella is pretty excited to be standing on his own, showing the world what he’s got.

  1. Elise…waiting. Getting to Orlando proved difficult when first our flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours. Then we had to rebook our connecting flight out of Atlanta. Then the flight attendants were late, delaying us more. Then the walkway from plane to terminal was broken. An illustrious beginning if ever I’ve seen one.
  2. Elise…still waiting. But this time in Atlanta.
  3. The bus from airport to Disney resort.
  4. Some characters. On the bus.

  1. The bus. Again. I really liked it.
  2. Cute kid entertaining himself while we waited some more. A fella after my own heart.
  3. Frightening kid. Entertaining himself. While we waited….oh you get the idea.
  4. A globe. Yeah, that’s it.

  1. A different globe. A bigger globe. An Epcot globe.
  2. A different point of view.
  3. The Florida sun.
  4. Epcot scenery.

  1. The lovely Emily.
  2. Epcot, Japan.
  3. Epcot, Italy.
  4. Epcot, Italy.

  1. The lovely Elise.
  2. Miniature Everest.
  3. Family on their way to Mini Everest.
  4. Scenery leading up to Mini Everest.

  1. Some decor.
  2. Our safari transport.
  3. Epcot, Paris. (I’m just all over the board. There was a lot of back-and-forth action between parks.)
  4. Chris on the Friendship Boat (I kid you not) en route to one such park.

  1. George Lucas magic at work, Hollywood Studios park.
  2. More Lucas magic, different movie.
  3. “I’d like to thank the Academy.” Disney’s Oscars. Not to be confused with Oscar Disney, Walt Disney’s first cousin twice removed.
  4. A Disney animator doing his thing.

  1. Walking through Epcot.
  2. Fireworks extravaganza at the Magic Kingdom.
  3. Epcot, Paris.
  4. Elise. Looking cute. It’s her thing.

  1. Epcot, Germany.
  2. Epcot…Germany. OK, honestly I can’t remember if that’s Epcot, Germany. But it could be!
  3. Sadly parting ways with Emily, Elise, and Mom. They stayed on for a few days after Chris and I had to leave. This was my view from where I sat upon our return bus to the airport. I may have teared up a bit.
  4. The plane.

Ta da! And there you have it. A whirlwind glimpse at four days in Disney World.

It’s an incomplete look. But, hopefully I can fill in a few gaps with the DSLR pictures and a video.


Let’s see if we can summon some Disney magic to accomplish such tasks.

All of these images were shot on the iPhone 4 with the Hipstamatic app and various lens/film combos. If anyone out there wants to know which lens/film combos were used for any specific image, just ask!

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